Aquarez PVB DP548-36

General Description

Aquarez PVB DP548-36 is a water based emulsion of polyvinyl butyral suitable for use as sole or co-binder coatings and adhesives applications. Aquarez PVB DP548-36 film forms at ambient temperature to produce a clear, tough and durable coating on glass, plastics, wood and metals. Air dried coatings of Aquarez PVB DP548-36 demonstrate excellent adhesion and moderate water resistance making product suitable for use in coatings used as primers and undercoats on a variety of substrates. Aquarez PVB DP548-36 can be cross-linked using compatible water dispersible or blocked isocyanates to increase water, scratch and solvent resistance. Other waterborne crosslinkers capable of reacting with hydroxy functional groups and/or adhesion promoters can be used to further enhance adhesion.

Product Features

Water based PVB

Moderate water resistance

Excellent adhesion to metals, glass, plastics, wood and glassfibre

Contains Texanol as coalescent

Low viscosity

Free of APEO surfactants

Suitable for 1-component coating formulations

Non-ionic stabilisation

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Typical Properties

Total Solids (%)

35 - 37

Hydroxyl content (%)

5.9 - 6.9

PVB Content (%)


Coalescent Content


Viscosity (cp)

400 - 1000


5 - 7