Aquarez PVB 525

General Description

Aquarez PVB 525 is a water-based dispersion of a Polyvinyl Butyral plasticised with castor oil, suitable for use in coating and adhesive applications. Based on higher molecular weight polymer it imparts superior tensile strength and forms a tough, transparent film when dried at room temperature. It has excellent adhesion to many substrates, including glass, wood and metal. It is suitable for use in Protective Coatings, Strippable Coatings and as a Textile Binder.

Product Features

Zero ZOC content

Film former

Low viscosity

Free of APEO surfactants

Increased water resistance

PVB:plasticiser ratio 7:3

Good storage stability & low sedimantation

Good compatibility with waterbased polymer dispersions

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Typical Properties

Total Solids (%)

46 - 48

Viscosity (cp)

700 - 1200


8.5 - 10.0

Particle Size


Specific Gravity (g/cm3)

0.95 - 1.05